About Canady’s Corner

In 2010, I established Canady’s Corner to provide writing services to support the communications needs of leaders who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, Canady’s Corner has taken some remarkable twist and turns.

When not working on client projects, I keep my creative juices flowing by writing and producing an online series, “Black Women: Celebrating the Road Less Traveled" and Creative Auto Reviews (CARs).

About Black Women
“Black Women: Celebrating the Road Less Traveled” is an online series published by Canady’s Corner to honor Black women, primarily in Colorado, age 30ish-50ish, who are blazing trails in their respective fields. Anything and anyone can be an inspiration, but when you see a successful person with the same gender and cultural background, it somehow moves you to believe. And sometimes that’s all you need to make your move. 


About CARs
Creative Auto Reviews by Canady’s Corner (CARs) is a growing collection of unique auto reviews and memories to remind you of special moments between you and your new or favorite automobile.