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Angelia McGowan: In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A self portrait...

Shortly before my birthday in August 2015 I felt a hard marble-size lump on the outside of one of my breasts. I called my doctor's office almost immediately to make an appointment, and it took forever (a couple of weeks) to get on their schedule. Leading up to that appointment I kept feeling myself. I couldn't stop touching my breasts. I wondered if there were more lumps? Strangers probably thought I was being obscene. 

While I waited I spent way too much precious time searching the Internet trying to diagnose myself. I agonized over whether I should be gearing up for a fight or saying goodbye to loved ones and checking off my bucket list, which would include one more time on an Atlantic beach. By the time I walked into the doctor's office the lump had grown to the size of a lemon, and pain was shooting down my side all the way to my legs. My brain was exhausted from it all. Read the full post originally posted Oct. 30, 2016 on Canady's Corner.