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Tasha Brown: Overcoming and Giving Back with Style

Tasha Brown, master stylist, has been in the beauty industry for 15 years. Tasha Brown, master stylist and owner of Lovely Hair Designs in Aurora, Colorado, understands that when her clients walk into her salon, or any salon, for that matter, they expect to walk out looking beautiful. She expects more for them.

Her efforts to achieve more than skin-deep results is evident in the design of her salon, which is accented with images of beauty, flowers and words of strength, such as, “You are brave. You are strong. You are fierce.”

This stream of thought wasn’t always the case for Brown, who earned her license at 19, and has worked in the industry for 15 years, with the last three as head of her own shop. Early in her career she experienced a domestic violence situation. Fortunately, her faith pulled her out of it, and now as a wife, mother and entrepreneur, she is lending a helping hand to other women working to do the same. She started working on the vision and mission for her nonprofit in 2015, officially establishing it in February 2016.

Lovely Beginnings is a faith-based community support system that aims to inspire success through leadership training, personal counseling, image consulting, education, and scholarships. The fact that teamwork is a necessity to entrepreneurial success is not lost on the graduate of Eagle Crest High School and Emily Griffith Opportunity School. The same goes for her efforts to fulfill the mission of her non-profit. 

As with any great leader, she is committed to using her experience to help others, but because she is wearing so many hats, she is seeking an experienced board of directors to help meet the nonprofit’s mission through grant writing, community outreach, event planning and administrative support.

To date, word of mouth has been successful at bringing in donations that she, in turn, distributes at various shelters across the metro area. Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to meet her on one of her deliveries. It was almost like Christmas. She and her assistant arrived with loads of donations including food, toiletries, and clothes, the latter of which many need to help them look and feel presentable on job interviews. Eventually they set up a mini salon and began another level of donation in the midst of some very delicate conversations. While getting their eyebrows and hair done, the women talked about where they were at emotionally.   

Some of the women were generations into the aftermath of domestic violence, and taking steps to make sure the pattern didn’t continue in the children who witnessed the abuse decades earlier. Others were in a state of wondering how to co-parent their children with their abuser without getting sucked back in to a violent relationship with them. Then there were those who wanted to go back out on the dating scene, but were questioning their judgement when it came to selecting the right person to date.

In combination with sharing her own obstacles and triumphs during these visits, she is collaborating with counselors for single mothers to help them address these questions. “We want to help them build their confidence and give them encouragement that they can also overcome their obstacles,” says Brown, who in the future also wants to work with men and women in detention facilities. 

To learn more, visit http://www.lovelyhairdesignsinc.com/index.html

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