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Families still recovering from Hurricane Sandy

A reprinted Dec. 10, 2012 email message from Kate Carr, president of Safe Kids Worldwide

Oftentimes it takes a tragedy to create a strong sense of community both nationally and globally. Early this month, we asked you to help the families throughout New York and New Jersey, who are still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

And you responded. Thanks to your compassion and generosity, our coalitions are helping children and families with essentials such as car seats, cribs and other supplies that we take for granted.
At a recent event in Staten Island, there was a family who lost their home and their car in the storm. Can you imagine? But despite the hardship, this family was so grateful for simple car seats for their twin daughters and their older brother. They just needed something to safely transport their kids as they put their life back together. At another event in New Jersey, there was a family who had been sleeping in a shelter. There were tears in the mother’s eyes when she was handed a crib. Now her little girl had a safe place to sleep. You would never think that cleaning supplies could make one father so happy, but that’s what he needed when he returned to his home and found rooms full of mold.

These are just a few of the stories that inspire us to keep doing more. Unfortunately, there are too many families who still need our help. So we’ll continue to ask. Please help make the holidays safer for those who are struggling.

It is true that nothing can make up for their tremendous loss but as we’re learning, sometimes what seems like a little thing – a car seat, a crib, cleaning supplies – can be a good start.
Thank you for your support.

Kate Carr
President, CEO, Mom
Safe Kids Worldwide

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