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‘Body’ matters in your news release

     It’s true. The word “body” spurs images of super models and athletes for many. For others, a glass of wine comes to mind. Believe it or not, writers and editors tend to think of the supporting facts of an article or news release. If you are in charge of writing a news release for your organization, you need to think likewise.
     When conducting research for your release, you should seek company background, numbers, quotes, testimonials and relevant details that will make up the body of your release, which immediately follows the first paragraph. It’s usually three to five paragraphs. Below are helpful tips:

What product or service does your organization offer?
If your CEO has been recognized with an award, include a quote from them saying why the award is meaningful to them. Secure a quote from a representative at the awarding organization on why they chose to honor your CEO.

Hosting your organization’s 25th annual festival? Demonstrate the growth over the years in numbers. How many attendees are expected compared to its first year? How many vendors compared to the early years. What economic impact does this festival have in the community in which it is held?
Your organization is hosting its annual event to distribute 500 free laptops to college-bound students from underserved communities. Find a few of those students to talk about what this means to them. First-generation college student? First computer they own themselves?
Cool Extras
With the award release, mention previous recipients of the award to further exemplify the cadre of people who receive the award. On the anniversary piece, talk about the staff members who have been with the festival since its beginnings. For the computer release, mention some of the universities the students plan to attend.
     These are just a few points to think about when writing your release.
Next, we’ll round out this news release series with the elements necessary for the conclusion section of your news release.

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